Monday, August 23, 2010

Magic Crap Mouse

I'm officially fed up with my Apple Magic Mouse. I bought this about 6 months ago and ended up having to upgrade the OS as well. Since then, I found that the Bluetooth transceiver is crap in my Mac mini but I kept on using the mouse.

However, I've been having lots of problems with the gestures on the Magic Mouse. Web pages would zoom in/out and scroll at random, plus the bad tracking seems to be even worse. I'm happy with the Logitech mouse on my Sony Vaio so maybe I'll bring the Apple mouse to work since my new work computer has a Bluetooth chip. It will match my Apple sticker on the back of the Dell.


I'm back to an old-school wired Microsoft Intellimouse Optical. Right now the back button doesn't work and I received an error trying to install v6.3 of Microsoft's pointing software. Arg!


Not sure what the error was all about. I rebooted the system and the mouse driver shows up in the System Preferences and the forward/back buttons work fine. Strange.

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