Sunday, September 24, 2006

Fantasy Football, Week 3

Aiya! I think I'm going to lose this week in all three of my fantasy leagues. The only one I have a chance of winning doesn't involve money. :(

Friday, September 22, 2006

Forbes 400

Tied for #160 on the list at $2.0B...

Henry Nicholas III
Henry Samueli

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

iPod Restore

I decided last week to move all my personal files off my work computer, which includes about 4,800 songs in iTunes (~26GB). Running my Mac mini as a FTP server, I've managed to upload about 2,400 songs from my PC. It also seems to make a difference which OS you first connected an iPod. All this time, my iPod was in "Windows" format which means I can't update the software using my Mac. To fix this, I had to restore my iPod which wiped out all the audio and video files. I guess I'll be busy for the next several days moving the rest of the songs and reloading files to my iPod.

Crack in the Firewall?

My friend Leon commented that he can see my blog from China today. I think all of was inaccessable from China in the past. Not sure what or why he can access it now; I'm sure it's not the Koda Kumi picture.

Let's see how long it takes to get blocked/banned again... :)

CFO Retires

Big news at work today. Our company's CFO announced his retirement, effective immediately. This is more important to me since the CFO is my boss's boss's boss. Not sure if we're going to hire an outsider, or promote from within which will cause serious musical chairs/job rotations again.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

박정아 (Park Jung Ah)

I just bought a K-pop CD by Park Jung Ah, one of the singers from the group Jewelry. This is her 1st solo album.

Here is the M/V from the 1st single, Yeah. Cute Korean girls AND ice hockey fights... what else can you ask for in a music video?!

I don't understand any Korean, other than hello and thank you, so I not sure what the songs are about. My guess it's not too different from Chinese pop songs: boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, girl dumps boy, blah blah blah. A lot of the song lyrics include 사랑해 (sarangae) which has something to do with love.

I also bought this album; I don't understand Japanese either. :)

Friday, September 8, 2006

Fantasy Football

Last year, I signed up for a public league (free) with Yahoo! and came in 5th out of 10. This year, I'm in three different leagues with money on the line in two of them. The season has barely begun (one game last night between Miami and Pittsburg) and already I'm overloaded with data. I'm getting statistics and news from both Yahoo! and CBS Sportsline while trying to remember who is starting on what team.

Anyway, I think I got lucky in my $100 league (mostly finance people from work). Pittsburg defense came up big and gave me 17 points. In addition, my opponent's 1st string RB and WR are both out for week 1. In my $50 league, I got the 1st pick of the draft so I'm counting on Larry Johnson to have a huge game this week.

I've been putting off getting cable for the past 6 months, even watching Spanish stations during World Cup, but I think it's time to have it installed for football. I was going to give my 36" tube TV to a co-worker but she went out and bought a 40" LCD TV so I still need to get rid of the 250 lb. monster in order to make room for a LCD HDTV.