Friday, March 10, 2017

New Songs from K-pop Girl Groups

Lots of new songs or "comebacks" from more popular girl groups recently:

[MV] Wow! - Lovelyz



[MV] A Girl Like Me - Gugudan

[MV] Fine - Taeyeon (SNSD)

I also "discovered" a duo called Bolbbangol4 from watching Weekly Idol. The main vocalist has a unique voice.

[MV] Galaxy - Bolbbalgan4

[Perf] Galaxy - Bolbbalgan4 [Weekly Idol]

Tesla Model S - Hangul

Just installed 7th software update in the Model S (v8.0 17.9.3). This increases maximum autopilot speed up to 55 mph on freeways and something about ventilation fan speeds. However, the most important (undocumented) update is the media player can display Korean text! Up to now, all Hangul shows up as crossed out boxes. Even though I can't understand Korean, I can read enough Hangul to know what song is playing. It was strange that previously the medial player could display Chinese and Japanese text but not Korean.

I read online that this update also increases max TACC (cruise control) speed to 85 mph (up from 80). Sometimes when I drive in the carpool lane on the I-5 in the morning, I have cars tailgating me at 80 mph so an additional 5 mph is welcome. Usually it's a BMW or Toyota Prius.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Solar City System Update

Just received a voicemail from Solar City to schedule electrical tie-in for my system that was physically installed on December 29th. Yup, 60+ days later and I still can't use the solar panels. I'm not really sure what is taking so long. Even this is not the last step as there are still additional inspections and licenses. I'm guessing 120 days after installation before I get any power out of them. Good thing I can charge my car at work since without solar power, I'm deep into tier 3 pricing with Edison so charging the car is quite expensive.

I went with Solar City since they're large and I thought it would streamline the install process, even though they're more expensive than other providers. Not sure I would recommend them at this point.