Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hello Venus

Just started listening to them, even though they've been out for 18 months.

[MV] Would You Stay For Tea? - Hello Venus

[MV] What Are You Doing Today? - Hello Venus

[MV] Venus - Hello Venus

Hmm, only 5 members in the older video and now there are six. This just makes it harder to recognize anyone.


[MV] Wa$$up - Wa$$up

I'm not really into the wannabe K-hip/hop genre since it seems too Americanized. There are even a bunch of white guys in the video. Did they shoot this in LA? All their MVs are similar if anonymous reader wants to search YouTube.

Current Favorite Girl Group

Apink. Most of the members don't sing that well, with the exception of Eunji. There was also some scandal where their management kicked out a group member after using her father's money and connections to build the group. Whatever.

[MV] Mr. Chu - Apink

[MV] NoNoNo - Apink

[Perf] MyMy + NoNoNo - Apink [Sketchbook]

Wow, those are enthusiastic uncle fans in the audience.

New AOA Song and Eye Contact MV

[MV] Short Hair (Practice) - AOA

What happened to the drummer?