Thursday, August 31, 2017

Auto Insurance Renewal Update

Well, today is my first day post-AAA insurance. We moved to the US in 1985 so it's been 32 years. The original quote I received from AAA was $4177 for 12 months. I ended up with Geico at $1123 every six months, or an annual savings of $1931. If it was a few hundred dollars, I would have stayed with AAA but a couple of thousand dollars is too much.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Auto Insurance Renewal

I've had AAA auto insurance for the past 30+ years but they finally screwed me. The renewal quote I got from them for 2 cars (my Tesla Model S and a really old Toyota 4Runner) was over $4000. I've checked online from a few other insurance companies and they are all ~$2000. This actually came up during one of Tesla's shareholder meeting/earnings call, and Elon basically told all Tesla owners to drop AAA as their insurance provider. Will do!