Friday, December 28, 2007

Lost in Translation

During my trip to Toronto, we went to a Chinese restaurant to have dim sum for lunch. There was a menu/sign over a BBQ take-out window inside the restaurant:

My Chinese is not that great but I'm pretty sure the last item is translated wrong. I think it should say pig intestines instead of pork uteri. Not that either one is appealing to me...

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Paris loses out: Hilton fortune pledged to charity

Reuters Article
NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. hotel heiress Paris Hilton's potential inheritance dramatically diminished after her grandfather Barron Hilton announced plans on Wednesday to donate 97 percent of his $2.3 billion (1.16 billion pounds) fortune to charity.

3% of $2.3B is still ~$69M. If there are a lot of Hilton heirs, maybe Paris will need to get a real job like the rest of us.

American Airlines Delays

Even though I just got Platinum status for AAdvantage this year, I've never actually flown American Airlines before. The bulk of my miles are from Cathay Pacific (LAX-HKG-CTU) and some from Alaska Airlines (SNA-PDX).

Anyhow, I went to Canada to visit my parents for Christmas. Since I'm flying out of SNA, there are no direct flights to Toronto. Out of the 4 flights I was on (2 each way), 3 were delayed for a total of over 4 hours. On the way back tonight, the flight from Toronto to Chicago didn't pull up to the gate until after the original departure time. By the time we got going, the plane needed to be de-iced which took 15 minutes. Next we needed to get a landing slot time from Chicago and that took another 15 minutes. Originally the flight was scheduled for 4:30pm but we didn't get off the ground until almost 6:00pm. I could have taken the next scheduled flight to Chicago at 5:30pm and got there earlier.

I was getting nervous sitting on the plane since my layover was only 90 minutes and we had used up all that time with delays in Toronto. It didn't help that I was on a tiny plane (Embraer ERJ145) and the window seat got really really cold during the flight. Somehow, the pilot got us to Chicago 30 minutes early though I only had <25 minutes to run across terminal 3. It turned out that the Chicago-Santa Ana flight was late boarding so I didn't miss my flight... I didn't get my 1st class upgrade though :(

I've been flying to Asia quite a bit in the past 2 years on Cathay Pacific, Singapore, Thai Airways, and EVA Air. Other than the lost luggage in August, I have not had any issues. Flying domestic on United, American, and Alaska, I run into flight delays and cancellations all the time. Also, all the female flight attendants on the Asian airlines are uniformly young and cute. The same cannot be said of domestic airlines.

American Eagle Embraer ERJ145

Monday, December 24, 2007

YouTube Copyright Infringement

"This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Asia Plus Broadcasting Limited"

Woohoo, got my first YouTube copyright infringement notice for an A-Mei video pulled off a DVD I bought in Taiwan last year. I think only 3 or 4 people viewed the video. I'm surprised that someone in Asia (probably) spent time reporting me to YouTube. The flash video format used by YouTube is crappy so I'm pretty sure the likely financial impact of all this is = $0.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

All-you-can-eat Hot Pot

For dinner, my parents took us to an all-you-can-eat hot pot place where you get your own mini-pot to cook your food. I think the name of the place is I Cook Buffet, somewhere way out in Markham (45 minute drive from Oakville). In Los Angeles, we have all-you-can-eat hot pot places in Monterey Park but you share a pot with your "friends"; I usually get sick afterwards. :(

Each person gets their own pot. You can choose the type of soup stock you want, from simple chicken broth to more exotic and spicy choices. All of us got chicken broth.

There were probably >50 items in a large refrigerator against the wall. Top shelf were different types of seafood "balls" such as lobster, shrimp, cuttlefish, pork (I know pork is not seafood), etc. The middle shelf had tofu type stuff and there was mostly vegetables on the bottom. The brown cubes near the bottom right are blood jelly, right next to the ox tripe.

More choices... there were different types of thinly sliced meat (beef, pork, lamb, chicken) and fresh seafood (shrimps, mussel). They even had luncheon meat, though I've never seen anyone put that into their hot-pot.

Most import part of eating hot-pot is the dipping sauce. Here is one-half of the sauce mixing station. I'm not that adventurous; I usually just mix soy sauce and sesame oil with some cilantro and minced garlic. Other people mix in a raw egg along with all kinds of chili (notice the chili oil container is almost empty).

I think the price is CDN$15 per person which is comparable to most seafood buffets. I like the fact that you get your own pot so no one contaminates the soup with blood jelly or something gross.

White Christmas!

Backyard of my parent's house in Oakville this morning

Vending Machines

I saw a couple of vending machines in DFW airport selling expensive electronics items. It's probably common elsewhere but I've never seen them before.

Motorola kiosk selling phones and Bluetooth headsets

iPod vending machine

I didn't check prices but if it's like airport food, it's probably really expensive. I read somewhere that in Japan, you can buy adult magazines and pre-worn woman's underwear from vending machines.

Friday, December 21, 2007


Total trip took about 13+ hours from the taxi ride to John Wayne at 5:45am (Pacific Time) to arriving at my parent's house in Oakville at 10:00pm (Eastern Time). In between, there was a two hour delay at Dallas/Fort Worth, about an hour delay waiting for luggage at Toronto, and 30 minutes waiting for our rental car at Avis.

John Wayne was surprisingly busy this morning. The road inside the airport was packed; it took 5 minutes to drive from the parking lot entrance to the terminal. I did manage to bypass the long check-in line since I had elite status with American Airlines. I think the airlines must be making money since every flight I've been on lately has been fully booked (LAX to HKG, SNA to PDX, etc.)

I met up with my sister, Rebecca, and Addison in Dallas. Our flight was supposed to leave at 2:00pm but we didn't get off the ground until close to 4:30pm. I did find out that if a flight is late by more than 2 hours, the flight plan gets canceled. This meant we had to sit an extra 15 minutes on the runway as they filed a new flight plan with Toronto air traffic control. Don't they have computers or something to automate this?

Finally, it took us forever to get out of Toronto Airport. Clearing customs was easy but then we waited about an hour for our luggage. The conveyor must have started and stopped about 3 or 4 times before the luggage appeared. I guess I should be glad we made it at all since it's Christmas travel season. Walking around DFW airport, there seemed to be people on standby on almost every flight.

If I was flying to Hong Kong, I would still be on the plane after 13 hours. :(

Flight delay... the 3:10PM later changed to 3:45PM

Some clowns at DFW airport

Brrr... these Canadians must be crazy to live in a place like this

Fast DSL?

I'm hanging out at my parent's house for Christmas. First thing I noticed is that they have a new DSL modem/gateway from 2Wire. I just checked the connection speed ( to New York and it was ~5Mbits. I thought DSL speed was a lot slower than cable modem; I guess that's not the case anymore. I get about ~10Mbits but that's the fastest cable modem service Time Warner offers.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

New A-Mei Music Video

如果你 也 {聽說}

I bought this CD (Star) in Chengdu last month for RMB40 (~$5.40) in a supermarket. It looked real—there was a hologram EMI sticker—but those can be faked too.

突然發現站了好久 不知道要往哪走
還不想回家的我 再多人陪只會更寂寞
許多話題關於我 就連我也有聽過
我的快樂要被認可 委屈卻沒有人訴說
夜把心洋蔥般剝落 拿掉防衛剩下什麼
為什麼脆弱時候 想你更多

如果你也聽說 有沒有想過我
像普通舊朋友 還是你依然會心疼我
好多好多的話想對你說 懸著一顆心沒著落
要怎麼附和 捨不得 又無可奈何

如果你也聽說 會不會相信我
對流言會附和 還是你知道我還是我
跌跌撞撞才明白了許多 懂我的人就你一個
想到你想起我 胸口依然溫熱

許多話題關於我 就連我也有聽過
我想我寧可都沉默 其實反而顯得做作
夜把心洋蔥般剝落 拿掉防衛剩下什麼
為什麼脆弱時候 想你更多

如果你也聽說 有沒有想過我
像普通舊朋友 還是你依然會心疼我
好多好多的話想對你說 懸著一顆心沒著落
要怎麼附和 捨不得 又無可奈何

如果你也聽說 會不會相信我
對流言會附和 還是你知道我還是我
跌跌撞撞才明白了許多 懂我的人就你一個
想到你想起我 胸口依然溫熱

如果你也聽說 有沒有想過我
像普通舊朋友 還是你依然會心疼我
跌跌撞撞才明白了許多 懂我的人就你一個
想到你想起我 胸口依然溫熱
如果你想起我 你會想到什麼

Diablo II

I've been playing Diablo II again. I bought the game a long time ago to play online with Elim, a friend from CCCSB.

Normally the screen looks like this...

For some reason, the screen went crazy a few days ago. I've never seen this before... I thought it was a sign that I was playing too much. :)

Monday, December 17, 2007

Fantasy Football Playoffs

I have both Tom Brady and Tony Romo on my fantasy league. For the regular season, Brady carried me to first place with an 11-3 record. However, both of them choked this week and just like that, I'm out of the playoffs. At least I doubled my money by winning my division.

In the other money league, I placed 7th out of 14.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Career Development

One of my co-workers just turned in his letter of resignation after working 7 years at Broadcom. We have a very similar background: born in Taiwan, ex-engineer, USC MBA, finance, NewSong Church. I think it's due a combination of burning out during the past few months and lack of confidence with the new finance management. I've had similar thoughts except my current job is not that hard so no burn-out yet.

During his time off, he expressed interest in a mission trip to China so I hooked him up with PESI. It's the same organization that coordinate my 2-week teaching trip to Beijing back in 1997.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Growing up in Taiwan and the West, you take certain things for granted, like having siblings. I had this conversation in China:

Them - I'm going to visit my older sister (姐姐) in Shanghai and hang out with my younger sister (妹妹). Also, my brother (弟弟) just had a baby.

Me - Oh, how many siblings do you have?

Them - [pause] Uh, none.

Me - But you just said sister/brother...

Them - I meant cousins. No one has actual brothers and sisters, unless you're from a rich family and can afford the fine.

I had completely forgotten about the "One Child Policy" which was implemented in 1979. It may have looked good on paper, but has resulted in forced abortions and sterilization in some areas. In the cities, if you have money, you can either pay a fine for additional children or bribe local officials. Also, since we're talking about Chinese people, if you can only have one child, you'd better make sure it's a boy. In some places, the boy/girl ratio is as high as 140:100. It's going to be harder and harder for them to find wives when they grow up. Good thing there are not a lot of white guys in China, unlike UCLA. :)

Another problem is that an entire generation in China has grown up without experiencing the sibling relationship. Almost everyone I know has siblings and I can't imagine growing up without my sister and extended family. Following the policy, the next generation in China won't even have uncles/aunts and cousins.


Monday, December 10, 2007

One Tire

Stopped by America's Tire this morning and they said I only need to replace one tire. Even after 20k miles, the treads are still good on the other front tire. Total cost for the one tire is ~$200. That's a lot cheaper than replacing both rear tires last time. Now I have to find someone to deal with the busted bumper/air dam.

Special Christmas Song

Special song from church this morning; singers are Caroline Park and Michael Washington. I took the video with my digital camera during 2nd service. The sound recording is not that great, although you can read the text from the projector screen. It was really quite good live.


Welcome NOC CAMers. Sorry for the poor audio/video quality. I only had my digital still camera with me. This version also has gone through 2 conversions to reduce size and change format. I have the original QuickTime MOV file (115MB) if anyone is interested. The quality is not much better though...

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Misc Treo Pics

Breakfast at Jinghu Hotel in Chengdu... at least we didn't have to pay extra for it. During August, in 95 degree weather, when I needed a cold beverage, the soybean milk was really hot. This time in November, where it's only 50 degrees outside, the soybean milk was barely lukewarm. Sigh.

Christmas tree on the executive floor at work

Another 350 Z on the freeway. Not sure why it has an ugly flat black paint job. It also has huge rear tires but has the stock skinny ones up front. Maybe it's still work in progress.

Violin Recital

This afternoon, I helped out at a coworker's son's violin recital. Her husband went out and bought a digital mixer with built in HDD and some nice microphones just for this. I probably could have put together a system with unused equipment at church. I helped him set up the two microphones and sound check the trim levels.

It was just him and an accompanist on piano. I think it was his first recital so it was pretty good (some intonation and rhythm issues). He had two huge music stands with pages and pages of sheet music taped together. I thought soloists had to memorize their music for recitals?

The worst part was that I am still a bit jet-lagged. I had to get up this morning at 6am for NewSong sound and ended up dealing with a flat tire (see below). The recital didn't start until 3pm and I was having problems staying awake. Since I was sitting near the front, I didn't want people to see me close my eyes for too long, or even worse, nod off and slam my head into the mixing board.

Another Flat Tire

The front right tire on the Z went flat this morning while I was driving on the I-5. By the time I pulled off the freeway in Santa Ana, the tire had come off the rim and was smoking.

These are the 2nd set of front tires on the Z. The original set were replaced when Nissan had to admit to an alignment problem which wore out the front tires prematurely. Since there's almost 20k miles on this set, I should replace both front tires: Bridgestone Potenza RE040 225/50/P17. Last time I had to replace both rear tires, it ended up costing over $500.

Even worse, I think the flopping tire ripped off a plastic shield on the inside of the fender, exposing a fluid reservoir and some wires. The bottom edge of the airdam is flayed so I should replace that as well... probably end up costing me another $800. The car is fun to drive but not cheap to maintain. :(

Irvine Sunset

From work parking lot at ~5:20pm

Saturday, December 8, 2007


Saw this at a Chinese supermarket in Chengdu (it's a plastic cup)

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Speaking of food, I just had 3 slices of crispy bacon plus scrambled eggs and hash browns from the cafeteria. Despite all the Chinese food I had last week, sometimes you just need to get some bacon.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Sichuan Food

Just about every dish I've eaten in Chengdu is spicy. Not just a bit spicy for flavor but burn your tongue off spicy.

In Chengdu, as in most Asian cities I've been to, the streets are lined with small eateries. This one only had eight tables. For RMB27, we had three dishes + a bucket of rice.

Stock Option Backdating

November 30 2007: 6:59 PM EST

SANTA ANA, Calif. (AP) -- A former executive at chip-maker Broadcom will plead guilty to obstruction of justice and cooperate in a federal probe of company stock option grants, the U.S. attorney's office said Friday.

Former Vice President of Human Resources Nancy Tullos, 56, was charged with instructing a subordinate to delete an e-mail that contained evidence of stock-option backdating by Broadcom senior executives and board members.

The plea agreement and details about the charge were filed Friday in U.S. District Court.

Tullos was scheduled for arraignment on Monday, but her sentencing is not expected soon. She could receive a maximum sentence of 10 years in federal prison.

10 years! I wonder how long Nick will go to jail if found guilty.

Paid Lounge

Unlike Leon, I don't have enough miles to get into Cathay's lounge in Hong Kong. Since I have a ~6 hour layover, I decided to use the pay lounge so I don't hurt my back sitting in the cheap gate seats. It costs HK$350 for 5 hours of lounge use, including a 2 hour nap or 15 minute massage; I went with the nap which is scheduled to begin in 20 minutes. It's pretty similar to the Cathay business class lounge with couches and a buffet, including a noodle bar. I was going to take the train to Central Hong Kong (HK$100 each way) but figured I couldn't get up to Victoria Peak and back to the airport in time.

From 2005. One of these days I'll get a clear picture of HK from Victoria Peak.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Toll Road

When I arrived from Hong Kong, PMI sent their car/driver to pick me up. He took the toll road back to the office and there was no traffic at all; this was about 2:00pm on Tuesday. This is likely because the the fee for our 20 minute trip was 40-50 RMB which is more expensive than the 73/133/241 toll road back home. Traffic is usually pretty bad in Chengdu so the toll road probably saved 20 minutes of travel time.

When you get on the road, the toll worker in the booth handed you a plastic card. I think this has information on when/where you entered the toll road. When you exit, you hand the card back and they calculate the toll based on distance. It's a pretty clever process and eliminates the need for toll booths on the highway itself.

This was the only traffic I saw on the toll road

More Meat

There are a lot of bicycles in China and people transport the strangest things. We saw some old guy carrying long rebars with one end on his bike and the other end on a two-wheeled cart; it looked very difficult to maneuver through the heavy Chengdu traffic.

More meat being carried on a bicycle. There must have been 3-4 slaughtered pigs on the back. The photo isn't too clear but you get the idea.

The office manager was sick yesterday so no lunch was ordered. Four of us ended up going to a hole-in-the-wall dumpling place that only had 8 tables. They had about 14 types of dumplings listed on their menu and prices were 2-3 RMB for 8 dumplings. In the US, 8 dumplings would probably cost you $5 or ~37 RMB. They were a bit on the small side but pretty good.

The "kitchen" at the back of the restaurant. There was one guy making dumpling and a girl (daughter?) waiting on tables.

Menu with English description. The English was actually pretty decent except for the "cow meat" and "pig meat" and item #6: Unwearied effort however cow meat stuffing... absolutely no idea what that means.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Expiration Date

I am stuck behind the Great Firewall once again. Good thing I can still use my work VPN connection.

On the Dragonair flight in from Hong Kong to Chengdu, they served us a prepackaged OJ as part of lunch. This time, I checked the date on the container first:

EXP: 11.12.07 08:52

Wow, expiration hour and minute. I debated (with myself) on whether that meant Nov 12 or Dec 11 but ended up drinking it anyway. The chicken w/noodles was exactly the same as last time back in August. Don't airlines change their menu once in awhile?

Last night, I bought a bottle of iced tea from what looked like a convenience store. I pulled it out of a small fridge but as usual, it wasn't cold. Maybe they're trying to conserve electricity. The expiration date on the cap was 20071009.

Monday, November 26, 2007

iTunes Sharing

While logged in to Hong Kong International Airport's WiFi network, I pulled up iTunes and there was someone sharing 50GBs of music. There were lots of Chinese and Japanese Pop but surprisingly, some Hillsong stuff as well. Too bad OurTunes is not working anymore... :(

Crazy Flight

I just flew in to Hong Kong from Los Angeles, and boy are my arms tired. :)

This time, the flight took a bit over 15 hours. The pilot said they were trying to avoid turbulence over the Pacific so we flew almost the entire way over land. The flight path went up the coast of Canada, across Alaska and Siberia, then down through China to Hong Kong. I think we flew right over Wuhan.

Since I had to rearrange my flight at the last minute, I lost my aisle seat and sat in 45E this time. I 45D was a Vietnamese girl that lived 11 years in the U.S. but didn't speak much English. She tried talking to me in Vietnamese and Cantonese but we ended up using Mandarin. In 45F was a Filipino guy from San Antonio. He seemed okay at first but turned out to be a freak. I usually can't sleep in planes... I even tried Tylenol PM again. During the 1/2 half of the flight, I was watching movies. After six or seven hours, I started to nod off, then the guy pulls out his 17" Gateway laptop. He was already overfilling his seat and hogging both armrests but with the large computer, he couldn't type very well. He even asked the person in front to not recline their seat so he can type; it was a young girl in a carseat. Since the cabin was tight, he ended up banging me with his elbow quite often. I tried to move to the left side of my seat to give him room but that didn't work. For about 30 minutes, he even had his elbow firmly planted in my armpit. Finally, after 2 hours of trying to sleep but being constantly awakened, I asked him to either move a bit to the right, or try to move his elbow in since I haven't been able to rest. The response I got was pretty much, "I'm not touching you! You're the one touching me! Why are you freaking out!" What, did he think I was lying? Then he started cussing at me and dropping f-bombs and God-d***. Huh? He also said, "What, you want me to lose 10 pounds right now?!" I think there is a DSM IV diagnosis in there somewhere.

Anywho, he was working on some PowerPoint slides (butt ugly ones with ALL CAPS for some seminar about email lists). I think this is it here: The tone of the website reminds me of late night TV infomercials, especially this line:
Fact #4. With large and responsive opt-in email contact list you don't have to worry about creating your own products (if you don't want to). Amateurs lose sleep over the product… Products are a dime a dozen. Savvy marketers focus on becoming masters at building massive high quality opt-in email lists FAST.

Products don't matter... riiggghhhhttttt. Like I'm going to buy the next piece of crap from some spam email.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Memorial Service at Rose Hills

Memorial Chapel

Reflecting Pool

Lots of flowers

Gravesite Service

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Job Fair in China

I wonder if Broadcom has a booth somewhere in there...


Friday, November 16, 2007

Memorial Service

Funeral Service for Mrs. Chiang Hsiang Chi 齊張薔卿 will be held on Saturday, November 24th, 2007 at 3:00pm.

Memorial Chapel
Rose Hills Memorial Park (map)
3888 Workman Mill Road
Whittier, CA 90601


I bought a $50 scanner so I can digitize some old analog photos.

Here is a really old photo of me with my grandparents, parents, uncles, and sister.

My sister and I

Grandma with my dad and uncle. This was probably taken in Chongqing around 1945. Grandma would have been about 28 in the photo.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Grandma passed away this morning. She was brought into the ER this past Saturday and we (Nancy, Rebecca, Addison, and I) got a chance to see her Saturday night in the hospital.


I went to two weddings this past Saturday. My cousin Diana got married in the morning and a friend from church got married in the afternoon. My sister came down from Portland with Rebecca and Addison for Diana's wedding; they stayed in my apartment so I was on the couch again.

Where am I? This is not my bed.

Diana & Gary

Diana's bridesmaids (two of them are my cousins)

Sandra & Randy

In the course of taking these photos, I realized that the 3x zoom on my Sony W-5 is pretty lame. I've been thinking of getting a new camera anyway so I ordered a Panasonic TZ3 today. It's still a compact camera but has a 10x optical zoom and 7.2 megapixels. It also has image stabilization so no more blurry pictures!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


OK, back to music videos. I have stuff in English too, although it's mostly from the '80s.

I thought this video was so cool when it came out in 1985 (I was still living in Canada back then). Kinda reminds me of Weird Science -- make/draw your own girlfriend. :)

Did they have any other hits other than this one?

Monday, November 5, 2007

Anaheim Ducks vs. Dallas Stars

Well, I guess I'm glad that I got the tickets for free, since I'd be mad paying $20 to watch this game. Since Henry owns the Ducks, they frequently give out free tickets, usually single seats, right before the game. I managed to snag the last two tickets for tonight's game; I was trying to get more for Leon's kids but only the two of us went this time.

To summarize, there were a lot of fights and lots of scoring by the Stars. We left during the middle of the 3rd period and the score was 5-0. The Ducks did not look like defending Stanley Cup champions at all. A co-worker went to the game as well; it's her first time watching hockey, live or on TV.

We sat right next to the championship banners in section 405


Death Threats?!

Who says finance is not dangerous?
NEW YORK (Reuters) - The analyst whose downgrade of Citigroup Inc sparked a broad stock market sell-off on Thursday said she has received several death threats stemming from her research, the Times of London said.

Meredith Whitney of CIBC World Markets Inc late Wednesday downgraded Citigroup to "sector underperformer," saying the largest U.S. bank by assets might need to raise more than $30 billion of capital and cut its dividend.

Her downgrade triggered a 6.9 percent drop in Citigroup's shares on Thursday, leading to declines of 362 points in the Dow Jones industrial average and 2.6 percent in the Standard & Poor's 500, the biggest drop since August.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

SWI'T Live

Somebody commented favorable about the SWI'T music video so here's a live performance from 2002. They sound a bit different outside the studio. :)

The kid rapping looks like he's 12 years old

Car Wash

I had the 4Runner washed today. I'm not sure when it was washed last; I've been hosing it off every couple of weeks to rinse off dust and dirt. It was especially dirty today since it was parked uncovered during the SoCal fires the past two weeks. My sister is coming Friday for cousin Diana's wedding and borrowing the 4Runner (can't fit 3 in the Z) so I thought I'd get it cleaned up a bit.

Same place I took the Z to get washed the day before the SoCal fires

Since I didn't have a coupon (everyone else seemed to have one), they charged me $12.99 to wash the 4Runner. It was $1 extra for a SUV. The guy that dried my car looked like he was 60+ years old so I gave him a $2 tip.

Anyhow, the car looks a lot prettier after the wash. I remember when we bought the car in 1999 (it was a wedding gift from the in-laws), Shirley wanted the blueish-purple color. We went to 4 or 5 Toyota dealers before we found one; everyone had either white, silver, or black. I think the paint color is officially called Autumn Sunset instead of simply blue or purple. However, nothing beats the 1980 Datsun 810 station wagon I drove during college. The Nissan brochure listed the color as Creamy Apricot but I thought it was closer to peach. What an ugly color for a car. :)

Inside the IVC PAC

I took some pictures inside the Performing Arts Center during rehearsal last week with the Treo.

From near the back of the stage. There was a lot of lighting which made it kinda hot on-stage.

View from the balcony. There was only one row of seats on the balcony for some reason. The yellow walls on-stage is actually a movable acoustic shell (Wenger Diva) that cost >$100k.

Here is part of a performance from May 2, 2007 at the Barclay Theater. I didn't know where to upload audio for Blogger so I used iMovie to add some titles and exported it as a QuickTime movie. I was playing the 1st Trumpet part; you can hear some of it during the first movement.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Everybody Get Down (Part 2)

Here's a group that probably no one's heard of: SWI'T (Song Will Tell). I posted something about them back in February 2006 but all the links are now broken. There are actually several good songs on their one (and only) album. My favorite track on the CD is 너와난 하난거야... no idea what that means or what any of the lyrics say. Of course, how can you not love a Hotel California remake by three Korean girls?! :)

Unofficial MySpace site where you can hear some of their songs.

What's with Asians and blond hair?