Monday, November 26, 2007

Crazy Flight

I just flew in to Hong Kong from Los Angeles, and boy are my arms tired. :)

This time, the flight took a bit over 15 hours. The pilot said they were trying to avoid turbulence over the Pacific so we flew almost the entire way over land. The flight path went up the coast of Canada, across Alaska and Siberia, then down through China to Hong Kong. I think we flew right over Wuhan.

Since I had to rearrange my flight at the last minute, I lost my aisle seat and sat in 45E this time. I 45D was a Vietnamese girl that lived 11 years in the U.S. but didn't speak much English. She tried talking to me in Vietnamese and Cantonese but we ended up using Mandarin. In 45F was a Filipino guy from San Antonio. He seemed okay at first but turned out to be a freak. I usually can't sleep in planes... I even tried Tylenol PM again. During the 1/2 half of the flight, I was watching movies. After six or seven hours, I started to nod off, then the guy pulls out his 17" Gateway laptop. He was already overfilling his seat and hogging both armrests but with the large computer, he couldn't type very well. He even asked the person in front to not recline their seat so he can type; it was a young girl in a carseat. Since the cabin was tight, he ended up banging me with his elbow quite often. I tried to move to the left side of my seat to give him room but that didn't work. For about 30 minutes, he even had his elbow firmly planted in my armpit. Finally, after 2 hours of trying to sleep but being constantly awakened, I asked him to either move a bit to the right, or try to move his elbow in since I haven't been able to rest. The response I got was pretty much, "I'm not touching you! You're the one touching me! Why are you freaking out!" What, did he think I was lying? Then he started cussing at me and dropping f-bombs and God-d***. Huh? He also said, "What, you want me to lose 10 pounds right now?!" I think there is a DSM IV diagnosis in there somewhere.

Anywho, he was working on some PowerPoint slides (butt ugly ones with ALL CAPS for some seminar about email lists). I think this is it here: The tone of the website reminds me of late night TV infomercials, especially this line:
Fact #4. With large and responsive opt-in email contact list you don't have to worry about creating your own products (if you don't want to). Amateurs lose sleep over the product… Products are a dime a dozen. Savvy marketers focus on becoming masters at building massive high quality opt-in email lists FAST.

Products don't matter... riiggghhhhttttt. Like I'm going to buy the next piece of crap from some spam email.

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