Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Toll Road

When I arrived from Hong Kong, PMI sent their car/driver to pick me up. He took the toll road back to the office and there was no traffic at all; this was about 2:00pm on Tuesday. This is likely because the the fee for our 20 minute trip was 40-50 RMB which is more expensive than the 73/133/241 toll road back home. Traffic is usually pretty bad in Chengdu so the toll road probably saved 20 minutes of travel time.

When you get on the road, the toll worker in the booth handed you a plastic card. I think this has information on when/where you entered the toll road. When you exit, you hand the card back and they calculate the toll based on distance. It's a pretty clever process and eliminates the need for toll booths on the highway itself.

This was the only traffic I saw on the toll road

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Darryl said...

They do tolls like this in the US too - I think portions of the NJ turnpike are done that way. (except the card's paper, not plastic.)

We drove on a toll road in France earlier this year, from Paris to Lyon - done the same way with the card.
What a shocker when we pulled off and found out our toll was something like 38 Euros. I honestly thought it was going to be about $10. I guess it was almost 300 miles... so I suppose it's way more cost effective than say, paying $5 to go over the 1.7 miles of the Golden Gate Bridge...