Monday, December 3, 2007

Paid Lounge

Unlike Leon, I don't have enough miles to get into Cathay's lounge in Hong Kong. Since I have a ~6 hour layover, I decided to use the pay lounge so I don't hurt my back sitting in the cheap gate seats. It costs HK$350 for 5 hours of lounge use, including a 2 hour nap or 15 minute massage; I went with the nap which is scheduled to begin in 20 minutes. It's pretty similar to the Cathay business class lounge with couches and a buffet, including a noodle bar. I was going to take the train to Central Hong Kong (HK$100 each way) but figured I couldn't get up to Victoria Peak and back to the airport in time.

From 2005. One of these days I'll get a clear picture of HK from Victoria Peak.

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