Sunday, December 9, 2007

Violin Recital

This afternoon, I helped out at a coworker's son's violin recital. Her husband went out and bought a digital mixer with built in HDD and some nice microphones just for this. I probably could have put together a system with unused equipment at church. I helped him set up the two microphones and sound check the trim levels.

It was just him and an accompanist on piano. I think it was his first recital so it was pretty good (some intonation and rhythm issues). He had two huge music stands with pages and pages of sheet music taped together. I thought soloists had to memorize their music for recitals?

The worst part was that I am still a bit jet-lagged. I had to get up this morning at 6am for NewSong sound and ended up dealing with a flat tire (see below). The recital didn't start until 3pm and I was having problems staying awake. Since I was sitting near the front, I didn't want people to see me close my eyes for too long, or even worse, nod off and slam my head into the mixing board.

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