Sunday, December 9, 2007

Another Flat Tire

The front right tire on the Z went flat this morning while I was driving on the I-5. By the time I pulled off the freeway in Santa Ana, the tire had come off the rim and was smoking.

These are the 2nd set of front tires on the Z. The original set were replaced when Nissan had to admit to an alignment problem which wore out the front tires prematurely. Since there's almost 20k miles on this set, I should replace both front tires: Bridgestone Potenza RE040 225/50/P17. Last time I had to replace both rear tires, it ended up costing over $500.

Even worse, I think the flopping tire ripped off a plastic shield on the inside of the fender, exposing a fluid reservoir and some wires. The bottom edge of the airdam is flayed so I should replace that as well... probably end up costing me another $800. The car is fun to drive but not cheap to maintain. :(

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