Friday, December 21, 2007


Total trip took about 13+ hours from the taxi ride to John Wayne at 5:45am (Pacific Time) to arriving at my parent's house in Oakville at 10:00pm (Eastern Time). In between, there was a two hour delay at Dallas/Fort Worth, about an hour delay waiting for luggage at Toronto, and 30 minutes waiting for our rental car at Avis.

John Wayne was surprisingly busy this morning. The road inside the airport was packed; it took 5 minutes to drive from the parking lot entrance to the terminal. I did manage to bypass the long check-in line since I had elite status with American Airlines. I think the airlines must be making money since every flight I've been on lately has been fully booked (LAX to HKG, SNA to PDX, etc.)

I met up with my sister, Rebecca, and Addison in Dallas. Our flight was supposed to leave at 2:00pm but we didn't get off the ground until close to 4:30pm. I did find out that if a flight is late by more than 2 hours, the flight plan gets canceled. This meant we had to sit an extra 15 minutes on the runway as they filed a new flight plan with Toronto air traffic control. Don't they have computers or something to automate this?

Finally, it took us forever to get out of Toronto Airport. Clearing customs was easy but then we waited about an hour for our luggage. The conveyor must have started and stopped about 3 or 4 times before the luggage appeared. I guess I should be glad we made it at all since it's Christmas travel season. Walking around DFW airport, there seemed to be people on standby on almost every flight.

If I was flying to Hong Kong, I would still be on the plane after 13 hours. :(

Flight delay... the 3:10PM later changed to 3:45PM

Some clowns at DFW airport

Brrr... these Canadians must be crazy to live in a place like this

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