Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Expiration Date

I am stuck behind the Great Firewall once again. Good thing I can still use my work VPN connection.

On the Dragonair flight in from Hong Kong to Chengdu, they served us a prepackaged OJ as part of lunch. This time, I checked the date on the container first:

EXP: 11.12.07 08:52

Wow, expiration hour and minute. I debated (with myself) on whether that meant Nov 12 or Dec 11 but ended up drinking it anyway. The chicken w/noodles was exactly the same as last time back in August. Don't airlines change their menu once in awhile?

Last night, I bought a bottle of iced tea from what looked like a convenience store. I pulled it out of a small fridge but as usual, it wasn't cold. Maybe they're trying to conserve electricity. The expiration date on the cap was 20071009.

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