Saturday, August 21, 2010

Vacuum Packing Bags

I just got back from REI... I was looking to buy some vacuum packing bags that are basically large ziplock bags that allow you to push the air out of them to conserve space. My sister brought some to the China trip last year. Since I'm going carry-on only this trip, I need to conserve luggage space.

I think I saw what I wanted at the store but found out that I left my wallet at home. Dang it. I had two smartphones (Blackberry and Vibrant) on me but no way to pay for stuff. I guess I'll just have to run down there again tomorrow before church.


On the way home, I saw a camouflaged car. They're usually future year models and have black plastic panels all over to conceal the make, model, and shape of the car. It looked like a Toyota Prius but I couldn't tell for sure.

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