Thursday, August 19, 2010

5th China Visa

I picked up my passport yesterday with a new China visa (5th in the same passport). Since I was running out of pages, I sent my passport in recently to have more pages added. With all those new blank pages, the clerk at the Chinese consulate decided to stick the new visa right in the middle, leaving 12 blank pages on each side. Arg! They must have read my blog and wanted to mess up my passport in retaliation... okay, probably not.

Hmm, the visa is not that sticky. Maybe I can peel it off and stick it on another page... or maybe I'll end up ripping it and have to spend another $140. I guess I'll just live with it; I'll probably get a huge air bubble if I try to put the visa sticker on another page. :(


Anonymous said...

be careful if you try. if you are caught on it by a customs agent, they might think you had tampered with the passport. my co-worker ripped out a passport page with a stamp to Gombei/Zhuhai and he got caught at immigration and had to pay a big fine. they just want to make sure you are not covering up a trip to Cuba/North Korea/Iran or something like that

totochi said...

No, I'm not going to mess with it. I'll just have to stand in line a bit longer while the Chinese customs guy flips through my passport trying to figure out what's up.