Sunday, August 29, 2010

2010 Asia Trip, CX885

What you see when you first board the plane... :(

Arg, only 9 hours to go. The flight is not full at all. Almost every section of three seats (Boeing 777) has the middle seat open, and some people have the entire row to themselves. On previous flights, I’ve always boarded at the low numbered gates (i.e., 101,102, etc)at LAX. Today, we boarded at gate 123A which is the newly constructed double-decker gate designed for the Airbus A380. I didn’t get to see one up close though.

Quantas A380 from far away

Some major construction going on at LAX

So far, we were served lunch (blah) and I’ve watched two movies. The in-flight entertainment system was messed up at first so they had to reboot which took about 20 minutes. I got bored so I watched Salt on my netbook (R5 version). It was pretty good… much better than Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I also watched Iron Man 2 on the plane’s system. It was okay… the special effects were cool but the ending came too fast. The final fight sequence was really short and kinda lame; did they run out of money or something?

Black bean chicken with rice... not that good. For dinner, the dessert was some kind of apple pastry that was really tasty, though the rest of the meal was about as bad as lunch.

Entertainment system reboot... Linux OS (there a little penguin at the top left)

Next to me (across the aisle) is what appears to be a family returning to Hong Kong. The husband has a business class seat so his wife, two kids, and their Filipino nanny is seated in the 3 seats (I guess one kid is <24 months old). I wondered if he offered the business class seat to his wife. He is coming back to check on them every hour though… maybe out of guilt.

Sigh… 8 hours and 48 minutes left. Let’s see what other movies are available:
Alice in Wonderland
Brooklyn’s Finest
Clash of the Titans (I’ll be watching a legit copy!)
Green Zone
Hot Tub Time Machine
How to Train Your Dragon
and… Hard Boiled (under HK Cinema)

I was hoping for Inception or Despicable Me. I can watch 4 more movies if they’re ~2 hours each.


Yawn… we are now close to Japan and about 4 hours away from Hong Kong. We were served dinner and I managed to watch another movie (How to Train Your Dragon) and Invincible Youth #39. I also took some Tydenol PM during dinner which was a bad idea; I’m really tired (11:36pm back in Los Angeles), but still unable to sleep.


Yay! I think I fell asleep for an hour. Now it’s only 1 hour and 23 minutes to Hong Kong. The computer says it’s 2:01am or 5:01pm in Hong Kong… so we should get in at 6:24pm or ~20 minutes early. Leon warned me that some Dragonair flights were departing from a remote terminal so any extra time is good since the flight to Chengdu leaves at 7:40pm. We’re about to fly over Taipei according to the flight map. I’m going to try and nap the rest of the way.

Ha ha, SNSD's Oh on the inflight entertainment system. I have ~80% of the music under the Korean category.

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Rahim said...

haha thanks for the review. I wanted to make sure that the LAX/HKG flight has inflight entertainment so I goggled "cx885 inflight entertainment" and found your post.

Linux lol well at least they're not running WinXP it could be worse.

so rest assured your blog from your long and boring flight was useful to someone!