Friday, August 20, 2010

Kogi Again

A coworker saw my FB post on Kogi from Tuesday. I showed him the website and found out that the same truck will be in Irvine for lunch today. It wasn't that close to work (Bake Parkway and Irvine Center Drive) but the two of us drove out to get lunch today. We got there about 10 minutes before noon and there was only a few people in line.

The truck was parked right outside Mission Motorsports

This time I got tacos and we got a Blackjack Quesadilla to share

Three tacos: one each of short rib, spicy pork, and chicken

Blackjack Quesadilla. I forgot what was in there but we couldn't finish. There are still two pieces sitting on my side table at work.

I think I liked the chicken the best. The short rib was still too salty for my taste and the pork was just okay. I'm not sure why they picked that location... it's kinda out in the middle of nowhere. They should come visit our company parking lot; there are only ~2000 people working here.


I need to see if there are other "gourmet" food trucks that come down to OC.

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