Friday, August 6, 2010

Asia Miles

I've always wondered what I can do with my stash of Asia Miles that I gathered on Cathay Pacific/Dragonair flights. It's hard to get Transpacific flights since they're always sold out and I don't have enough miles anyway (130,000 miles one-way from LAX to TPE!). On my upcoming trip to China, I have my flight in/out of LAX but are missing some of the in-between flights. I was hesitating on traveling to Taipei since tickets are really expensive. However, checking the Asia Miles redemption site, it looks like it costs 10,000 miles to go from HKG to TPE and 20,000 miles from TPE to PEK. Since I have ~50,000 miles, I can get most of my inter-Asia flights free with miles if I stick with Cathay and still get lounge access... woohoo!

My trip will look like this then:


Arg, 8 flights in two weeks, though much of it is self-inflicted since I'm flying mostly with Cathay Pacific and their main hub is Hong Kong.

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