Monday, August 23, 2010

Wireless Pack Pouches

Madonna - Secret [Music Core 20100821]

I actually saw this when I downloaded their performance on Inkigayo from Sunday. Usually performers need to clip on one or two wireless packs depending on whether they're using lavalier mics and/or in-ear monitors; you normally see these black, cigarette box sized things hanging off their costumes. For this performance (and the one above), they have pouches sewn on their costumes to hold the packs. You can still see them though, since they're pretty large and heavy.

Shure PSM700... the system costs ~$2000 for transmitter and receiver pack.

Oh yeah, the girls are cute and it was a good performance.


Sometimes I post links to the show Invincible Youth shown on KBS. The girl with black hair wearing a short skirt is Han Sunhwa, one of the members on the show.

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