Sunday, August 29, 2010

2010 Asia Trip, KA824

Our flight was delayed for about an hour in Hong Kong due to China airspace issues so I’m not quite sure where we are or when we’ll arrive in Chengdu. At Hong Kong, I only had about an hour between flights but I decided to hit the lounge and noodle bar anyway, even if it was only for 15 minutes. I originally wanted to upload the last post before crossing the GFW but I had connection issues with the computer, though the Samsung phone managed to connect.

Wonton noodles and a BBQ pork bun at the CX lounge near gate 65

The demographics of the KA flight to Chengdu is much different than the CX flight from Los Angeles; it’s almost all Chinese people on this flight. I haven’t been to China for about a year and I am quickly reminded of how rude and inconsiderate Chinese people can be. Since our flight was delayed on the tarmac, everyone was already seated, along with the flight attendants. One guy in front of me decides to get up to grab a magazine… while we were slowly moving. A flight attendant told him to take his seat since we’re about to take off, and he said something back at her, while taking his time. Meanwhile, about 3-4 people around me turned their phone back on and started making calls. Sheesh, can’t anyone follow instructions? Even though it’s a two hour flight, Dragonair served dinner anyway. After eating dinner, they same rude guy called a flight attendant to collect his tray immediately, while they were still busy serving the rest of the cabin (we’re seated near the front). Then he immediately reclined his seat all the way back, while people are still eating. Of course, none of this is a big deal, and it could be that this guy is “special”, but I’m starting to get that annoyed feeling about rude Chinese people again.

I talked to Leon while transferring flights in Hong Kong. He said the hotel we’re staying at has no power from 11:30pm to 4am. Great, I think I probably won’t get there until 11:30pm. Why would they to this? There has to be less power consumption at night. Do they need to do maintenance or something? Good thing I brought a small flash light with me.


The rude guy was at it again when we arrived at Chengdu. His bag was a few rows behind his seat so he forced his way back while yelling at everyone to back up. Some lady told him to just wait a bit since we just got to the gate but he turned and yelled at her too. Charming... probably has two wives.


I'm at the hotel now. It took a little bit longer since the Taxi driver had to stop and get gas (CNG). Of course he didn't deduct the 3 yuan of waiting time (me standing on the curb waiting for him to fill up). It's now 12:28am. The power was supposed to go out at 11:55pm. I have the A/C on full blast and still I'm sitting here sweating. If the power goes out, I'm dead.

Hotel room. Still smells a bit like smoke but that's a given at any cheap hotel in China (even Taiwan). The internet connection seems to work since I got these two posts uploaded. I think Blogger is still blocked as well as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc so I using a VPN connection from work.

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