Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Kogi BBQ in Irvine

When I got the new smartphone, I was wondering what I would do with it. Well, I found one use... I can follow Kogi BBQ on Twitter. I saw that one of their trucks was going to be in Irvine at 6:30pm so I stopped by after work. I've actually never gotten food from Kogi, nor any other "gourmet" food trucks, so this is a first for me. Yeah, yeah... I'm way behind.

This is the "Naranja" truck based out of Anaheim

There were about 20 people in front of me but the line moved pretty quickly. I stood for about 15 minutes before getting to the truck. Since it was my first time, I just ordered a spare rib burrito. Usually I'm very picky about stuff inside my burrito but since I never had a Kogi burrito before, I just ordered the default.

This was behind K1 Speed (indoor go-karting place) on McGaw and Von Karman in Irvine. Parked next to the Kogi truck was a ice cream truck. It looked expensive so I didn't ask. Maybe these trucks travel in packs now.

I only waited about 5 minutes for my burrito. I noticed that almost everyone in line had a smartphone, with a lot of iPhone 4's... without phone cases!

Kogi spare rib burrito. It was different. The meat had good flavor but was really salty. I wasn't sure what else was in there but there was definitely some cheese, veges (kimchi?) and maybe rice. I ate about 1/2 of it in the car before driving home. If I go again, maybe I'll try the tacos or the sliders instead.

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