Saturday, August 7, 2010

New TV (Almost)

I went to Costco to look at a few LED LCD TVs this afternoon. I've been thinking about getting a new TV for the family room. Right now there is an old 42" Vizio LCD (1366x768 @60Hz) that works fine but feels a bit small.

I think I've settled on a getting a 55" LED LCD TV but they're still pretty expensive. We were going to get a Vizio VF552XVT since my parents said they saw it a Costco for $1599 but it turned out they were looking at the M550NV. Instead, the new Vizio was selling for $1749... through work, I can get the same model for $1553 though I have to go pick up the TV at Vizio's warehouse. For ~$40 more, I was willing to go to Costco, but not for $200 more. :)

However, as I was looking at the different TVs, I noticed that the picture on the Samsung 55" (UN55C6400) was much much nicer than the Vizio... but it was selling for $2199! When we came home empty-handed, I look on Amazon and they have the same TV for $1800, including tax and shipping. The only problem is that Samsung wants you to buy a proprietary USB WLAN adapter if you want to go wireless.

Hmm... too many choices. I'll probably put it off until I get back from China. Maybe the new Vizio models will be out (XVT553SV).


Anonymous said...

is there a sign-up sheet for the "old" TV. the displays on the Samsungs are pretty good. my cousin is pretty finicky and he wouldn't be caught dead buying anything korean until he got a HD-flat screen samsung.

totochi said...

42" Vizio is going into my parent's bedroom. Not sure what to do with their 32" LCD yet. I think you're in line behind my PS3.