Sunday, August 22, 2010

Little Horns

Look at the top of his helmet. I saw this on the way to church.


Speaking of church, the worship today was led by Uriah Park. I think they ran out of guitar players so they went with her on keys, the pastor's wife on piano, and Elim on the cajón. I tried to record the service using my Samsung phone but the audio was too loud and was distorted in the recording. The phone only records at 720x480, not HD, and the 15 minute recording was ~380MB.

Just as service was about to begin, Paul grabbed me and asked if I can type. It turns out that there is a deaf person in the congregations. Whenever she is there, they need someone to transcribe live on a laptop computer so she can read and know what's being said. The sermon ended up being about 4 pages of text.

Last week's service. There were a few more people in the worship team.

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