Tuesday, August 31, 2010

2010 Asia Trip, Chengdu Day #3 Early-Morning

It's a routine now... falling asleep early and getting up way early to update the blog. With my main audience stuck behind the GFW with me, I'm not sure if anyone is reading this... oh well, this has always been more of a public diary than anything else.

So I was wrong about the snoring noises from the next room. Umm... there are other "noises" that wake me up though not too long each time.

Anyway, yesterday was a full day at work but I didn't get much done because I was tired and felt sick. I think that's becoming normal for me in Chengdu, whether it's the food or the bad air. I hope I start feeling better later in the trip. We had a couple of meetings and the guest Leon picked up from the airport last night showed up at around noon. Leon said the airport was crazy busy at midnight since most flights were delayed and he didn't get back to the hotel until 1:30am. When I got here Sunday night at 11:00pm, the airport was also packed with people.

First day of school at 西南交通大学 (Southwest Jiaotung University). This was in front of an elementary school on-campus and it was packed with students and parents.

One of the two dogs at PMI's factory

After work, we decided to take the guest (Chinese guy from the US) and Leon's uncle to a Chongqing style hot pot place. I've been to a few hot pot places with locals and we always end up with weird stuff in the soup. Last time it was sheep brain and pig blood... and I always managed to get sick each time. Sigh...

On the way to the restaurant, our driver made a 1/2 block long left turn into oncoming traffic. I think I read somewhere that China had the most number of accidents per person/driver and I believe it. Everyone is impatient and ignores traffic signs/signals, even pedestrians, and especially bicycles and scooters.

At dinner, they did order lots of strange stuff that don't seem like food to me: goose intestines, black tripe, pig throat, and duck blood cake. At least they ordered some fish balls though it didn't look like ones I buy for hot pot back in the US. I was exhausted after dinner so I fell asleep as soon as I laid down on the hotel bed.

Everyone ate out of the spicy outer pot except me. I did try eating a fish ball out of the spicy soup and it nearly killed me.

Leon and I couldn't tell what this was... it was goose intestines. You wrap it around your chopsticks and let it cook for about 10 seconds.

Cart full of "goodies"

Duck blood cake. This was the last thing they threw into the pot. They kept trying to get me to eat it; I just let it sit on my plate.

We got a small bottle of baijiu. It was marginally better than the stuff I had last time but still pretty strong and had a nasty aftertaste.

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Anonymous said...

by the way, that dog in the photo passed away last month. really sad about that. it was a good natured dog. we are all getting old.