Monday, August 30, 2010

Hotel Mini-bar

Okay, just one more post before going back to sleep...

Most hotels in the US have a mini-bar where you can drink/eat stuff and the hotel then charges you for the items when you check out. Well, the Fuyuan Business Hotel has something similar.

Instead of a mini-fridge stock with alcohol, there are a few cans of soda, instant noodles, and two bags of mystery snacks on the table. Each item is ~$1. But since this is China, there are other items for sale.

The basket of goodies contains a dehydrated towel (just add water), his and hers underwear, box of disposable razors, a small towel + razor pack, hair + body wash (the series make it possible for the bath to be one of your favorite enjoyments of your traveling), and... a three pack of "premium" condoms. Hmm...I hope they're individually wrapped inside the package.

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