Thursday, August 26, 2010

BSOD Again

I got the dreaded Blue Screen of Death again(!) on my Sony Vaio. Learning from my last BSOD experience, I left the System Restore feature on in case the computer died again. I just pulled up the built-in recovery feature to try and go back to a prior restore point. I'm typing with my fingers crossed as the computer is trying to boot up...


Ooh, I think it worked! I still hate Vista but the disgust level has dropped slightly from 10 minutes ago. My mom told me to get a new comuputer... I'll probably go buy Windows7 instead. If I get another computer, I'll probably buy a Macbook.


Hmm, or not. I have a slower Mac already. Maybe a PC desktop for games... but I have a PS3 already. I feel like I'm arguing with myself... and losing!

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