Tuesday, August 17, 2010

!@#$%^& Air Bubbles

Yesterday I bought a clear screen protector (2 pack) for my new phone. It's basically a thin pieces of matte plastic film that comes sandwiched between two stiffer plastic sheets. Instructions are simple: peel off one side, stick it on the phone, and peel off the other side. It also comes with a cleaning cloth to wipe off the phone surface... all this for $15.

Anyway, my first attempt was quite unsuccessful. Somehow I got a big piece of lint stuck to the film and it created a huge air bubble. I also messed up one edge in my multiple attempts to remove the piece of lint. Getting frustrated, I went to the 2nd sheet of the 2 pack and was a bit more successful, leaving only two small bubbles.

However, I'm a perfectionist with the stupidest things so it bothered me all night. After getting up during the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, I decided to try and peel back the film, and pry off the piece of lint/dirt from the sticky side. At first, I was successful which left only one noticeable air bubble, but I just couldn't leave it alone... I had to have a bubble-free surface. Well, I learned something: don't do this on the bed since any slight movement kicks up a lot of lint/dust. Instead of getting rid of one piece of lint, I managed to get hundreds more stuck on the film. Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!

No problem, I thought. I saved the other piece of film from before. If I can remove the one large piece of lint, I can still make it work. This time, I sat at my desk, wiped the phone really clean, and stuck the original piece of film on to see about 10 medium sized air bubbles. I managed to get that down to about 3 when a random burst of air (or something) deposited a lot of dust and a small piece of hair(!) on the film, and I knew I was done. So after about 40 minutes of work and $15 (plus tax... when did OC sales tax become 9.25%?!), all I have is a small piece of cleaning cloth and a still-naked phone.

Tiny bubbles...

I feel like I should go spend another $15 and try again (and again since it's a 2 pack) before I really scratch up the phone surface. This time though, I probably need to break in to a class 10 (or better) clean room and wear a bunny suit. Is this what OCD feels like?

Maybe I should have got a leather pouch thing like I have for the "old" Blackberry 8310. The screen is still pretty clear and scratch free after ~2 years.

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