Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Another New Work Computer

I think this is my fifth or sixth computer at work. My Dell D820 started having small problems lately and on Monday, I got a bunch of C++ runtime errors. Plus, everytime I right-click on the desktop, Windows Explorer would crash and I would be left with no icons nor taskbar, which makes it hard to do work. Usually the helpdesk just re-images the hard drive but since my old computer is out of warranty, the only solution is to get a new computer. Seems kinda wasteful to me but I'm only a 0.0002% shareholder.

The new system is a Dell E6410 with an Intel i7 M-620 CPU running at 2.67GHz. For some unknown reason, it has 3.24GB of RAM. Since we're risk adverse on OS, it still has Windows XP Pro 2002 SP3. Yup, 8 year old operating system. Checking CPU speed, PassMark has it at 2743 which is about 2x my Sony Vaio.

Now I need to find another Apple sticker. I wish I could find my old rainbow/multicolored Apple stickers I got with my Apple ][+ and Mac Plus.

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