Tuesday, August 10, 2010

No Case for New Phone :(

When I bought the new Samsung phone at the T-Mobile store in Torrance, the girl in front of me got the last gel case for the Vibrant T959. Since the phone is so new, there are not many choices on Amazon, and the #1 search result gave an availability of 1-4 months. I'll probably break the phone by then.

During lunch today, I went to the Irvine T-Mobile store. I search the entire store and they only had the leather case... not cool. Next I went to the Best Buy at the corner of Jamboree and Barranca but since they don't carry T-Mobile, they didn't have a case that fit. Searching online (with the new phone!), I saw that AT&T offers a variant of the Galaxy S called the Captivate so I headed there. They only had a clear case and when I held it up to my phone, it didn't fit properly. Turns out even though it's the same phone, the case and ports are slightly different. Sigh... 4 stores (not counting Amazon) and still no case. The guy at Best Buy said that the Santa Ana store carries T-Mobile so maybe I'll try there and the T-Mobile store in Tustin/Irvine Marketplace on the way home.


Back to the phone itself... I downloaded lots of apps from Android Market. The coolest so far has to be Google Goggles. This app lets you take pictures of stuff and it will do a search based on the image. You can also do this with product barcodes. I took a picture of a bottle of Centrum multi-vitamins at home and it told me it costs $18.99 at Amazon.

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