Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Blackberry Camera

I found some random stuff while deleting photos from the Blackberry...

Charging my iPod nano with the 12W solar charger. Lots of wires and a DC/DC adapter to make this work.

CIGS solar charger on the dashboard

Garlic crab at Seafood Village in Rowland Heights (99¢/lb)

Mexican dudes cooking Mongolian BBQ in Portland

Drive through car wash near my sister's house in Portland. The cheery but odd Chinese attendant girl wasn't there this time.

Cakes in the display case a some restaurant in Portland. We bought three slices to go for $8/slice... at least there's no sales tax in Oregon.

Taiwanese shaved ice (red beans, peanuts, pineapple, sugar water, shaved ice, and lots of condensed milk)...

... at the 小美 in Monterey Park

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