Monday, August 9, 2010

New Phone

No new TV yet but I did get a new cell phone. I've had my T-Mobile account with my Motorola Razr3 for a few years so it was time for an upgrade. I was using my mom's Samsung slider phone on my line but she got tired of the Razr so I gave it back to her and got a Samsung Vibrant (or i9000 Galaxy S). It's an iPhone like smartphone and cost me $200 to upgrade plus an additional $25/month for the unlimited data plan.

I've only had the phone for one day and it's pretty cool. It has the most amazing OLED display (480x800) and came with a copy of Avatar preloaded on a 2GB microSD card. It also has 16GB of internal memory so lots of room for media and stuff. It runs Android 2.1 and so far I've only played with it a little bit.

I only have one issue with it so far. The battery life is really really bad. I charged it up this morning and by the time I got home, the battery was almost drained. The battery monitor said ~50% of the power was used by the beautiful display so I turned down the brightness. Also, I get almost no reception (AT&T is fine though) at work so I had the WiFi turned on which drains the battery faster than the 3G/Edge connection.

I was about to upgrade my phone last month. I think the Vibrant came out on July 15th so I'm glad I waited. I swapped out the 2GB microSD card and replaced it with an existing 4GB one... and loading it up with K-pop MVs!

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