Sunday, August 29, 2010

2010 Asia Trip, Chengdu Day #1 Morning

Yawn... well, the jetlag is in full effect. I went to bed around 1:30am local time and promptly got up ~5:30am. The power stayed on the whole night so the room was a bit cold this morning; I had turned it on full blast to cool the room down before they cut off the power. Sigh... nothing runs on schedule here. Now I fully expect the power to go off randomly.

The internet connection is still working though sometime it seems to drop. I had problems with connection to the VPN back in Irvine so I'm now connected through Taipei. There are two China options (Beijing and Shanghai) on the list of connections but they say "restricted" so I didn't try. I haven't done any work yet... just connection so I can use Blogger and Facebook. :)

View outside hotel window... what you would expect from a grungy business hotel in the middle of a 2nd tier city in China.

When I check the weather earlier, it said that it would rain all week in Chengdu. I was actually glad since the rain will clean the air somewhat and temperatures would only be in the high 20's.

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