Friday, August 27, 2010

2010 Asia Trip, Packing

I haven't traveled that much this year... just two trips to Portland so far. I'm making up for it by going to 4 places in China/Taiwan (and Hong Kong airport) this coming trip. Since I only have 55 minutes to transit in Hong Kong, I didn't want to check in any bags, at least on the way to Chengdu. However, since I'm going for two weeks, I was unsure if I can pack enough clothes as I need to dress at least business casual for PMI meetings during the first week.

After checking with my friend in Taipei, I can now pack a lot less. I'm staying with him in his apartment and he has a washer, which means I can just bring enough for one week, then do laundry when I get to Taiwan. That saves me from worrying about running out of clean clothes when I finally get to Beijing. Need to make a good impression!

Even still... I needed to pack a lot of clothes into one carry-on. I also have a backpack with my computer and other miscellaneous stuff.

It all fits (minus toiletries), including both pairs of shoes. I used up one compression bag for underwear and other clothes that won't matter if wrinkled.

My trusty carry-on roller. Since I'm sitting in the cheap seats, the limit is only 7kg or 15 lbs. This is way over the weight limit. Hopefully they won't check, and I'm still a silver tier member of Cathay's Marco Polo Club, expiring next month. :)

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Anonymous said...

just worried about making a good impression in Beijing? i guess you don't need to worry about Chengdu in case there is still a problem with your luggage (even though you are carrying it on); you can always get more clothes at the Chengdu Walmart.