Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tibet Propanganda

I've been watching the news on both CCTV4 (Chinese) and CCTV9 (English), and the propaganda about Tibet is non-stop. The first several stories on the 8am news this morning was about the China Tibet exhibition, which basically says that China rescued all the Tibetians from a life of slavery by the Dalai Lama and life has been great since 1959. Then they "interviewed" a bunch of Westerners who all say, "Wow, we never hear this side of the story in the West." Duh, you don't hear about it because most of it is made up propaganda to demonize the Dalai Lama and the Tibetian government-in-exile.

They even had a "journalist" say that she learned a lot from the exhibition and hopes to visit Tibet in person some day. What?! No skepticism at all about information coming from the CCP? No suspicion why China barred all journalists and Westerners from Tibet during the month of March?


veracity said...
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veracity said...

Of course the Han Chinese are very much victims themselves in this and are hostage to a regime who has used them for their own malevolent ends.
The incessant propaganda and the lack of alternative viewpoints would render any population unable to discern, and discriminate propaganda from truth.

Freedom for all the peoples who’s minds are not free to roam, not free to choose and not free to express themselves!