Saturday, March 14, 2009

Chengdu Trip #7 - Hong Kong Airport, Day 2

When in Hong Kong, you have to eat dim sum somehow. Since I'm stuck in the airport, I'm eating breakfast at a Maxim's Chinese restaurant inside the terminal. It kinda sucks eating dim sum by yourself because you don't get to try many dishes. I've ordered (and finished) three so far: fried turnip cake, lotus wrapped rice, and seafood wrapped in tofu skin. I can get free food in the lounge later but since I have a HK$40 voucher from Cathay, I thought I'd use it. I probably spent more than that but it's worth it.

Yummy, even for an airport restaurant. I had dim sum in Irvine Wednesday and it was US$15 per person; not sure what the $$$ damage will be for this.

I'm eating, blogging, and playing Mousehunt at the same time.

Last night was pretty uneventful. I got a snack from 7-Eleven and went back to the room to sleep. This is the final leg of my long trip; hopefully nothing else will go wrong. Here are some photos from last night:

Hotel hallway... lots of pretty colored lights.

Hotel lobby

Hong Kong airport taxis. From my last trip, I think the red ones are the ones that go to Hong Kong and Kowloon. There are also blue and green taxis.


The bill came out to HK$114.40 which is pretty close to what I paid for lunch in Irvine. The food is probably even better and cheaper in the city.


Arg! I think I've been on the road/air for too long. I just noticed that I'm wearing my t-shirt inside-out... had to run to the washroom in the lounge to change. :(

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