Saturday, March 14, 2009

Chengdu Trip #7 - Hong Kong Airport

Finally arrived in Hong Kong. Cathay said that there are no earlier flights than tomorrow morning so they gave me a room voucher for the Regal Airport Hotel right outside the HKIA terminal. Since the entire airport has free wifi, you would think that the airport hotel would have free Internet as well... nope. I just unpacked some stuff and I'm going to head into the terminal again to get something to eat and access the Internet.


Well, I'm in the HKIA terminal and uploaded some blog posts and photos. It's weird seeing the same people for the past two days at the LAX lounge, Westin LAX, the actual flight, and now at the Regal Airport hotel.

Room at the Regal Airport Hotel. It looks similar to all the Hong Kong business hotels I've stayed at before. I'm still a bit upset that Internet is not free.

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