Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Guitar Generation

I went to a concert earlier tonight at the House of Blues in Anaheim/Downtown Disney. The concert featured three guitar players: Richie Kotzen, George Lynch, and Paul Gilbert. The music was pretty heavy-metal-ish, especially the first two. The HOB venue is not too big and we had standing room only seats. However, if you get there early enough, there are stools you can sit on. We managed to get into the VIP seating area after the first set so I was able to take some pictures with my 2MB Sony camera. They didn't turn out that well; I should have brought my Panasonic to record some videos.

George Lynch. He said it was too hot on stage so he got naked.

Everyone on stage: three guitarists and Paul's wife Emi.

It was a pretty good show. We got there at 7pm to get seats and the concert started at 8pm. Each artist played for about 45 minutes and they played together at the end for another hour; we didn't get out of there until almost midnight. My coworker, who plays electric guitar, said it was the best concert ever. I thought it was a bit too long and a bit too loud, but I was never a heavy metal fan. I did like Paul Gilbert's music--it reminded me of Rush--so I may go find some MP3's.

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