Monday, March 30, 2009

London Pub & Google Maps Street View

Thanks to Google Maps Street View, I think I found the pub that we visited in London on the first day of our trip many years ago.

Anyway, we arrived in London on a weekday afternoon and needed to find some food. After checking-in to our hotel (Hotel Paragon) on Lillie Road, we wandered around and found this pub. Here's the conversation as I remembered it:
Me: Uh, do you have any food to eat?
Bartender (with a thick British accent): Yea.
Me: Do you have a menu?
Bartender: No.
Me: Well, what do you got?
Bartender: Steak, rack of lamb, (some other meat dishes), hamburger...
Me: Hamburger! We'll take a hamburger.
Bartender: OK.
Me: Got anything to drink other than beer?
Bartender: Pepsi.
Me: OK, we'll take a Pepsi.
Bartender: Do you want a glass?

We sit down at a small table, with our 8 oz. can of Pepsi (it was small) and a glass (no ice), and waited. After a few minutes, we see the bartender come out of the back carrying a meat patty on a plate. He walks to the patio, pulls the cover off a BBQ, and lights some charcoal. A few minutes later, he comes out again carrying a huge steak and throws that on the grill as well. We then hear him yell to somebody at the back to go to the market and get some vegetables (and probably some buns). In the meantime, a lot of people walked in to get a pint of beer (this was ~3pm), including the postman. After some time (I forget how long), he brings over our hamburger. It was quite good. The steak and some grilled vegetables was for some guy at the next table.

I never did take a photo of the pub that day and could not remember the name of it. Since they have Street View of London on Google Maps, I started at the hotel (now a Hotel Ibis) and "walked" down the street until I found the pub, then found an image of the building online. How cool is that?!

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Anonymous said...

must have been a good burger; i thought the brits couldn't cook. internet can do anything these days. i wonder if chinese streets are online as well.

hogsman said...

Sounds like you shoulda ordered the steak...

totochi said...

I think even the burger was pretty expensive... something like £6 or ~$9. The steak would have probably bankrupted us.

Anonymous said...

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