Friday, March 6, 2009

Off-Road Swap Meet

There is an Off-Road Swap Meet this Sunday and my friend/teammate thought it would be a good place to get some cheap parts (suspension and shocks) for our truck project. Since a lot of deals take place amongst vendors while setting up, he wanted to go tomorrow and buy a cheap vendor spot. I guess I wasn't prepared for how hard-core and/or ghetto this sport can be. His plan is to go at noon to somewhere in the Inland Empire and stay until Sunday morning. We can eat at the Morongo Casino buffet and sleep in his truck. Maybe we'll get lucky and score our parts early so we can go home.


Dang it. Rooms at the casino for Saturday night is $200. That's a bit too much for me. If it was <$100 then maybe. I guess I'm bringing a pillow and sleeping bag.


Hey, Morongo Casino is right by Cabazon. Maybe there's a Nike outlet; I need a new pair of shoes.

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