Monday, March 23, 2009

Chengdu Trip #7 - Back in Hong Kong

I just landed in Hong Kong from Chengdu. Typically we get a landing gate but this time they parked us on the tarmac again; at least it's close to the terminal.

Chengdu airport. An old Air China Boeing 737 is being towed out of the gate.

The same plane (missing 3 engines) has been parked here (Hong Kong airport) since my first trip to Chengdu two years ago.

Cathay Pacific Catering Services building in Hong Kong. This is where all the yummy food comes from.

Old school deplaning. We parked pretty close to gate 1 so the bus ride was only ~3 minutes.

They fit everyone from the flight on to one bus.

I have almost 7 hours to kill. Not sure what I should do. I wanted to go to Victoria Peak but I just checked the weather and it's 22°C and 87% relative humidity. That means I'm going to start sweating like crazy once I step out of the airport. Also, it looked really cloudy as we were landing so there's probably no view once I get up there. Dang it... I even checked in my bag in anticipation of walking around in Hong Kong.


Bah, I'm in the lounge. Since I don't even know which gate my flight will leave from, I went to the lounge near gate 3 (The Wing). It's ~6:15pm right now and my flight leaves at 11:45pm. Maybe I'll take a nap and a shower later. Meanwhile, off I go to the noodle bar. :)


A huge group of Taiwanese people just showed up at gate 3 for flight KA488 (Dragonair) to Taipei leaving at 20:10. Interestingly, flight CX468 (Cathay Pacific) is also going to Taipei from gate 2 at 20:00. Both airlines are run by the same company (Swire Group); not sure why they need two flights from Hong Kong to Taipei departing 10 minutes apart.

At least I get to play MouseHunt during the long wait. I just broke 600,000 points... that puts me in 64,405th place for now!

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