Monday, March 2, 2009

China 'patriot' sabotages auction

Sigh... now lying and breaching contracts is considered patriotic? The stupid jackass just tainted all Chinese people as poor business partners for cheap political theater. I hope they take his deposit and donate it to a human rights organization.

BBC News
A Chinese man who won a high profile auction for two bronze artworks claimed by China says he will not pay for them.

The sculptures, which sold for 15m euros ($19m; £13m) each in Paris last week, were originally looted from Beijing in 1860.

Cai Mingchao, who has identified himself as the bidder, is an adviser to China's National Treasures Fund, which seeks to retrieve looted treasures.

He said his decision to bid for the bronzes had been a "patriotic" act.


Anonymous said...

yeah, but shouldn't Christie's have done a better job vetting him as a qualified buyer.

Anonymous said...

That's the best thing I have ever heard on this issue. The French should be ashamd for what they have done so long ago! Any comment on the issue relavant to the so-called Tibat things should be DISCUSSED Under the knowlege of the Tibaten History--the ugly slavery system controlled by DALAI!
Leave the liers alone!

totochi said...

Huh? It's a stupid and useless gesture. They can put the item up for auction again or contact the 2nd highest bidder. If I was YSL's partner, I'd be worried about crazy Chinese nationalists breaking into his house and stealing the statues. And what's this got to to with Tibet (I assume that what you meant by Tibet).


Evidently the bidder is in the art industry and owns his own auction house. I'll bet that stunt did wonders for his reputation. Stupid.