Sunday, March 1, 2009

K-pop CD's from eBay

Through one of the K-pop forums I visit (and contributed by uploading stuff in the past), I found out about someone selling their entire K-pop collection on eBay. I clicked through on the items and ended up bidding/winning three CD's. The total, including shipping, was only ~$9. Two of the CD's are by Chakra and the other is by Baek Ji Young. I think I've been able to download all three albums in the past but it makes me feel more legit if I actually own the CD's.

Chakra - For You I Will

Baek Ji Young - 사랑안해


BTW, Hwangbo (the rapper in Chakra) has a large tattoo on her back. It spells out her full name in English plus a flower at the end. Large tattoos are pretty rare in K-pop for female performers.

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