Friday, March 6, 2009

Cost Cutting :(

No more soda cans and bottled water on our floor. I thought we would get an exemption since the CxO executives were on this floor. I think soda is still available downstairs in the first floor break room but the elevators are so slow... I bought a Camelback water bottle so I'm using the water dispenser that's next to the fridge.

When I started working here, the refrigerators used to have Frappuccino, Martinelli's sparking cidar, Perrier water, Tropicana orange juice, and all sorts of smoothies in addition to soda and bottled water. Occasionally there was also beer but that's not standard issue. After about 2003, it was reduced to just water and soda. Leon commented way back that if we ever lost the small cartons of Tropicana juice, it's a sign of trouble. I think we're way beyond that now.

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