Saturday, March 21, 2009

Chengdu Trip #7 - Market Photos

I took some pictures of the local market last night. I didn't have either of my cameras so I had to use the BlackBerry. The market occupies the entire first floor of a building across the street.

Vegetables. All the vegetable stalls are grouped together and seem to sell the same vegetables. I tried looking for green peppers (non-spicy kind) but couldn't find any. That's lotus root at the center bottom of the photo.


Pork is huge in China. There was only one stall that sells beef while all the other ones mainly sold pork. I asked the butcher lady to slice the beef into strips.

There was also a stall that sold all kinds of nuts. We got some raw sunflower seeds and garlic flavored peanuts. They also sell pistachios. I wonder if it's imported from California and how much it costs.

The nut lady.

We bought some pork ribs here. The people behind the counter wore uniforms so this appears to be a chain store that only sold pork products.

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