Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Chengdu Trip #7 - Chengdu, Day 4

My bad luck with food contined on Wednesday. I didn't eat anything the night before so I was really hungry. Before hailing a cab to go meet the company car at Jiaotung University, I stopped to get some baos for breakfast. I really wanted the red bean paste bao but they were out so I got 4 meat baos. I think they changed the recipe since there was pepper powder and it didn't taste that good. Actually, I think that may be what's causing my stomach problems.

At work, I skipped the noodle breakfast and went with one of the office staff to the corner market and got some bread/cookies/drinks since I wasn't going to risk lunch in the cafeteria. The store is fully stocked but since it's in the middle of a fairly empty industrial zone, there are not many customers. At lunchtime, I guess they felt sorry for me eating cold food so they offered to cook wonton soup for me. It was actually pretty good and non-greasy. However, at around 1:30pm, I suddenly felt like throwing up again so to be safe, I ran to the bathroom and waited... Finally after 10 minutes, I got tired of waiting and stuck a finger down my throat to start the process. At least this time I didn't make a mess. Thinking back, the only common item between the two days are the meat baos I had for breakfast and the timing was similar both days. I think I'll pass on the baos from now on.

Leon had to leave for Taiwan at noon so I was by myself in the afternoon. I met with the production manager and the recent graduate we hired for R&D regarding production process and yields. Since we're still not in full production mode, cash flow is tight this year and I need to calculate how much money we'll need to survive. I also got to watch them load some In2Se3 powder into the graphite mold for pressing. Almost everyone was involved and it was pretty ghetto manual. I also got a good look at all the other production equipment. One surprising thing was how much electricity was required to press one target using the vacuum hot press, something like 500+kW. That's almost double what I use per month at home.

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Louise said...

hi tony,

poor you! i am so sorry for your stomach promblem. you should probabaly stop torturing your stomach now. eat only toast (without anything else on it!) and drink only ion supply liguid (like POCARI). it's not delicious i know, but it will definitely help.
speaking from my own experience,