Thursday, March 12, 2009

Chengdu Trip #7 - LAX

I must be getting old and senile. For some reason, I thought my flight from LAX to HKG departed at 1:50am. Instead, the flight leaves here at 1:05am. Good thing I was here early enough that it didn't matter. Maybe because it's a Thursday night vs. the weekend but Bradley Terminal is pretty empty tonight. There was not many cars dropping people off and the lines were pretty short at the Cathay counter. I was able to get my boarding pass and through security in <5 minutes. Even the oneworld lounge is fairly empty, much different from the past few times I've been here. Let's hope the flight is empty too... :)

Food counter in the lounge.

I did run into a glitch at check-in. Since I got the cheap "M" fares, it won't transfer to my AAdvantage account so I paid $50 to sign up for Cathay's Marco Polo club. At the counter, the guy didn't give me a lounge invite. I asked him and he said my Marco Polo status did not have lounge rights (I knew that) so I pulled out my AA card with oneworld Sapphire. He then went and changed my frequent flyer info to AA. I know that my miles will not transfer so I have to send an email to Asia Miles to get credit. However, I also wanted the miles to count towards my Marco Polo Club since it's the only chance I will get lounge access next year. I'm afraid now it won't accumulate there and I paid $50 for nothing.

I'm also having problems with the wireless connection in the lounge. It's showing the same problem as I had with Time Warner last week. Websites won't connect but stuff with IP addresses will. Good thing I have my VPN dongle to connect through work. How else am I going to update my Mousehunt page on Facebook?!

The elevator is busted again. I had to carry my luggage up two stories using the staircase.

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