Sunday, March 22, 2009

Chengdu Trip #7 - Chengdu, Days 8

OK, I've been here too long. Since I didn't go to Zigong as planned this weekend, there's not much to do in Chengdu. Without a car, transportation is a pain in the ass on weekends.

Yesterday, I went across the street to Wenshu Temple to eat lunch. It's similar to Wuhou Temple but a lot smaller and the food selection wasn't that good. We tried stinky tofu from a different vendor; it was better but still pretty lame compared to the night markets in Taiwan. I had the same kind of noodles again... everything else looks too spicy. I spent the rest of the afternoon watching a Chinese drama with women who are really snake spirits and a monk who's chasing them. Weird.

Spicy beef noodles. My friend said it wasn't very good (taste) but it's supposed to be good (health) for you due to the special noodle ingredients. I don't see how that can possibly be true.

Spicy stinky tofu... a bit stinky but way too salty. I miss the night markets in Taiwan.

Main entrance to Wenshu Temple

Some of the buildings inside Wenshu Temple peeking over the wall.

Temple wall. The scorch marks are from people burning incense along the wall. I guess I'm not the only person too cheap to pay the entrance fee and I don't even want to 拜拜.

For dinner, I bought a large bowl of wontons for ¥6. It was pretty good and I lost count of the wontons after 20. In the US, you probably only get 5 or 6 wontons. :)

My $0.85 wonton dinner

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