Sunday, March 22, 2009

Internet Firewall and News

Blogger has been unblocked during my trip to Chengdu so I've been able to update my blog without going through a VPN. On other trips in the past, I had to type stuff in Word and upload posts when I got to Hong Kong. Not sure if the firewall is more relaxed after the Olympics or if it's just more Chinese randomness.

For news sites, the GFC (Great Firewall of China) seems to allow English sites through. I've been able to access BBC News in English without any problems, even news on Tibet, but the Chinese version is blocked. Likewise for the Voice of America website. I can access the main website in English but the Chinese homepage is blocked. At least that hasn't changed.

The TV news coverage on Tibet is still the same. I don't see anything about current events in Tibet or the riot in Qinghai. Instead, CCTV is continuing their 30 day news special about "progress" in Tibet during the past 50 years. Even with my limited Chinese comprehension, watching it makes me sick.

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