Monday, May 3, 2010

2010 KMF Videos

I shot videos for most of the idol group performances. I used my dad's Panasonic FZ28 digital camera. The HD setting records 1280x720 at an insane bit rate of ~25Mbps so each song was ~600MB. I ended up recording ~10GB of material. To upload to YouTube, I had to re-encoded the videos to ~1Mbps (same resolution) which shrinks the files to ~50MB. I'm a bit disappointed in the sound quality and the continuous auto-focus feature which didn't worked too well in the dark.

These are in the same order as performed at the concert:

Mystery - Beast

Again & Again - 2PM

Heartbeat - 2PM

Without U - 2PM

Lupin - KARA

Honey - KARA

Mister - KARA
Butt dance! 1 2 3 4 5 6 do it! :)

이 사람이다 - Kim Jong-Kook
I don't know the English title but it's probably "love" something.

So Hot - Wonder Girls
I wonder if the white guy in the Wonder Girls t-shirt was cheering extra loud.

Tell Me - Wonder Girls

Nobody - Wonder Girls
I like the Korean version better... it just sounds weird in English. I heard from my mom(!) that they also have a Chinese version.

There... just like being at the concert except for the lousy sound, shaky camera, and being occasionally out-of-focus. I also have a few videos of non-idol groups performing. Maybe I'll re-encode and upload those later.

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