Sunday, May 23, 2010

Brown Eyed Girls at MYX Mash

I found some videos of the concert last night in San Francisco. As far as I could tell, BEG only performed three songs: Abracadabra, LOVE, and a cover of You Raised Me Up. Also, Jea did not show up so only three of the members performed. It appears no one filled in for Jea; they left her part in the audio track. :(

I really wanted to see them in concert but I think $400+ would have been too much for this. They should hold their own concert (Los Angeles please!) since they have enough songs and probably enough fans overseas. That way they will have enough stage time to perform some of their older, and IMHO better, songs. And since I'm demanding stuff, a live band would be great... I don't like these karaoke-style performances.



You Raised Me Up (cover)

This is the first track from their first album in 2006. It's sad that they have to become a dance group as well in order to be successful in the K-pop industry.


Live performance on Love Letter:


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